Plastic Distance Holders - the ideal choice for building economically and with quality.

Plastic distance holders - for vertical or horizontal application assure, when being used correctly, that the distance between steel bars or steel mats and the surface is kept.

Inadequate or missing distance holders often make the concrete splinter off - which is not only a "cosmetic" problem but a serious danger to the stability and the statics of a building.

Plastic distance holders are cheap and are easy and economically to use but have a big value. They protect the value and the security of a building. Thatīs why plastic distance holders should not only be used for commercial buildings and projects but for any house where steel bars or mats are used.

Distance strips made of PVC are ideal for the application in horizontal reinforcement. They are put out in adequate distance, the steel mats are added and tightened to the strips. Itīs easy and economic. Even at this stage it is still possible to walk over the distance strips - we use special mixtures of recycled PVC Material that give our distance strips the strength to carry this weight without breaking or splintering.

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"Plastic spacers are cost efficient, economic and protect value and safety in any building."